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Mastering Rates

Mastering Time

Billable in 30 minute increments with a (2) two hour minimum $110.00 per hour

Master Parts

Replication Master Audio CD-R

$25.00 minimum, includes PQ sheet, data integrity report and quality control. $1.00 per audio minute

DDP Replication Master with Upload Delivery

If your CD Replication company accepts this format it is a high quality, robust and quick way to deliver your master. Disc Makers and Oasis accept DDP uploads. $50.00

Reference Audio CD-R (for listening and approval)

For larger quantities, please see our CD-R duplication prices. $5.00

Mastering Packages

Our package prices offer a discount and also serve as a general guide to the cost of having your project mastered based on the number of songs. Each package includes the stated number of hours of time with chief mastering engineer Dave Harris, (1) Replication Master CD-R, a DDP upload to your CD replication company, (2) Reference CD-Rs and USPS Priority shipping if required.

Each project is unique so it is impossible to cover every possible scenario with these general packages. If you have questions about how your project may fit into one of these please contact us.

2 Hour Mastering Package

02 – 03 songs $250.00

4 Hour Mastering Package

04 – 07 songs $470.00

6 Hour Mastering Package

08 – 10 songs $690.00

8 Hour Mastering Package

11 – 14 songs $925.00