Scheduling, Payment & Terms

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  • Studio B Mastering generally operates from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.
  • We schedule all sessions for a specific date and time whether they are attended or un-attended. Our current hourly rate is incurred from the scheduled start time of the mastering session.
  • The client’s mixes need to arrive either electronically or physically no later than the scheduled start time so that we may provide the most cost effective service.
  • We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.
  • All invoices are C.O.D. Payment in full is due on the scheduled day of your mastering session. No materials will be released until we have received full payment.
  • Holding or Securing a Session
    A client in good standing may tentatively “hold” one session date with us, this gives them the first right of refusal. If another client inquires about that same session date the client who has the date on “hold” will be contacted and given the opportunity to “secure” the session date. If the client wishes to secure it a 50% deposit will be required which will be subject to our cancellation policy below.

    Cancellation Policy
    Held or secured sessions must be cancelled no later than (5) business days (M-F) before the scheduled session date or a fee of 50% of the time being held will be incurred. All new clients are required to pay a 50% deposit to hold a session date.

    Studio B Mastering takes reasonable care of all of our clients’ materials (hard drives, CD’s, flash drives, etc.) but we will not be held responsible for unintended loss or damage or the resulting consequences. Please be certain to have back-up copies of your mixes. Even if you have mixed to analog tape you should make digital copies for safe keeping. We work on a “For Hire” basis and have no financial interest in the client’s project once we have been paid in full. Given that, the client is wholly responsible for understanding any copyright or mechanical licensing issues that their project may entail and abiding by applicable laws. As a service to our clients we archive digital copies of all projects on which we work but cannot guarantee their availability past the date of final approval of the work. It is very important that the client retains their own copies of any files that they may need in the future.

    We reserve the right to refuse to work with persons or organizations which we deem financially irresponsible, disrespectful of our staff and our time or otherwise unsuitable as clients of Studio B Mastering.